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Set Appointments With Prospective Customers

The first steps in getting new business is to identify, contact, and set  with customers. Most sales people excel at customer interaction; doing research to identify prospects is not their strength nor a profit-maximizing use of their time. iPlace’s sales lead generation researchers directly replace hours spent doing research by high-earning onshore salespeople with much lower cost hours of offshore researchers.


Using many of the same techniques our sourcers use to identify candidates for jobs, our researchers scour the Internet to find the decision-makers your salespeople need to get in touch with to get a “yes.” The researchers work during the US night (Indian dayshift). Our clients’ salespeople email iPlace the names of the companies where they would like to make contact with decision makers. The next morning the salespeople receive an email from iPlace with verified names, contact details, and background information on decision makers from the specified companies.

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